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Home Loans Solutions for Doctors Across Australia

Home loans tailored for doctors

Are you a doctor in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, or anywhere else in Australia?


 Medimortgage understands the unique financial needs of medical professionals.  Whether you're a  junior doctor buying your first home, an established doctor upsizing or downsizing, or looking to refinance, renovate, or invest in property, we can help you find the perfect home loan solution.

Financing Your First Home as a Doctor


Entering the property market can be challenging, but Medimortgage can help.  We offer competitive home loan packages for doctors with low deposit options, including loans with up to 100% Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR) and no Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) subject to eligibility.  This can help you get into your own home sooner and start building equity.

Upsize or Downsize with Confidence


As your life and career progress, your housing needs may change.  Medimortgage can help you secure financing for your upsize or downsize move.  We offer competitive rates for doctors seeking loans with up to 95% LVR and potentially no LMI.  Let our experienced mortgage brokers find the best solution for your next chapter.

Refinance and Save

Regularly reviewing your home loan can save you money.  If your property value has increased, you may be eligible for a refinance with a lower interest rate.  This can free up cash flow to help you pay off your home loan faster or invest in other ventures.

home loans for doctors Australia

Helping doctors find the perfect home loan solutions

Building Your Investment Portfolio

Medimortgage can guide you through the process of financing an investment property.  Our team of specialists will assess your situation, help you establish your financial goals, and structure your loan to maximise your returns.  We'll also provide valuable property information, including estimated sale value, yield, and cash flow to empower you to make informed investment decisions.

Renovate or Relocate? We Can Help You Decide

As your family grows or your needs change, you may face the decision to renovate your existing home or relocate to a new property.  Medimortgage can help you explore financing options for both scenarios.  We'll consider the costs involved, potential return on investment, and your long-term goals to guide you towards the best decision.

Contact Medimortgage Today

Medimortgage is your go to for home loan solutions tailored to doctors across Australia.  Call our loan experts today on 0477 618 486, or contact us online.  Let us help you purchase your dream home and achieve your financial goals.

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